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The International Movement of Catholic Students (IMCS) – Pax Romana

In Africa, the movement was established in 1956 but it is only after 1978 that the movement got a permanent Secretariat in Nairobi, Kenya. Since then, the movement has successfully spread its wings and is now present in 35 and currently expanding to update to 35 countries and recognized by the Episcopal Conferences of 25 countries in which we have affiliated active members. 
Over the years, the movement has been guided by different thematic issues that are set by the highest decision making body of the movement, the Pan African Assembly (PAA) that is held once every 4 years. Some of the key areas of focus have been, Good Governance and leadership, Human rights, Gender and women Empowerment, HIV/ AIDS, Adult literacy, Social Justice, climate change and ecology sustainability, Inter-religious and Inter- cultural Dialogue, peace building, spiritual formation of members, MDGs among many others.
IMCS wants to train young Christian leaders for future Africa and throughout the world. Those leaders, we want to open on the social realities of their country, especially on the lives of the poorest.
We would also like them to be spiritually trained to behave as real Christians responsible.

When the Pan-African coordination office here are the teams which succeeded mandate after mandate;

Etienne Bisimwa Alex Bongani Mthobi

Etienne Bisimwa

Dem. Republic of Congo

(Coordinator 1982-1986)

Roland Ranaivoarison


(Coordinator 1990-1994)

Alex Bongani Mthobi


(Coordinator 1994/95-1999)

Marcel Carlos Akpovo Cynthia Fati Kanko Jean Lokenga Nsonjiba

Marcel Carlos Akpovo


(Coordinator 1994/95-1999)

Cynthia Fati Kanko


 (Coordinator 1999-2003)

Jean Lokenga Nsonjiba

Dem. Republic of Congo

(Coordinator 1999-2002)

Mjomba Mboje Renaldah   Jules Yaovi Wahare

Mjomba Mboje Renaldah


(Coordinator 2003-2006)

Jules Yaovi Wahare


(Coordinator 2003-2007)

Maurice NIZEYMANA   Aaron FENU



(Coordinator 2007-2010)

Aaron FENU


(Coordinator 2008-2011)

Fr. Lionel Bouffard, MM Fr. Etienne Triaille, SJ Fr.Fratern Masawe, SJ

Fr. Lionel Bouffard, MM


(Chaplain 1986-1997)

Fr. Etienne Triaille, SJ


(Chaplain 1999-2007)

Fr.Fratern Masawe, SJ


(Chaplain 2007-2015)

Catherine Njuguna   Afou Chantal Bengaly

Catherine Njuguna


(Coordinator 2011-2014)

Afou Chantal Bengaly


(Coordinator 2012-2015)



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